The Emergence of Springtime Green in the Landscape




I love spring, and I love spring gardens.  It does not matter where they are, in town or in the country, if they are big or small, planted with lovely flowering species or simply small shrubs and trees, there is imminent beauty in all of them.


Spring is a time of new beginnings.  For a gardener, that represents new shoots on wintered plants, buds opening, and grass turning green.  It is a wake-up time for dormant plants to come to life again.

I especially love the return of color to the garden after the greys of a long bleak winter, and although for the most part, excepting early bulbs in bloom and red-leaved specimens, it is in shades of green, even so, it is refreshing and inviting and adds to the beauty of a landscaped lot.


To me, gardening includes not only plants and planters, but hardscaping as well in the form of decking, patios, and walkways, and the way in which plants are incorporated into the landscape around them, all working together to a pleasing effect.

The following photos capture the emergence once again of springtime green in the landscaped yard surrounding a modest home in Stratford, Ontario.  Hope you enjoy the tour!








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